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We should provide food for the poor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

We should provide food for the poor - Essay Example Beri beri primarily results from lack of vitamin B or thiamin. Poor people who suffer from malnutrition have a high likelihood of developing beri beri, as well as other deadly diseases such as anemia and scurvy (Karlan & Appel, 2012). Diseases increase the likelihood of nutritional deficiency; therefore, poor people are at great risk of malnutrition. In addition, poor people, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries also die as a result of problems with the land they live on and till, for instance, famine and drought are known to cause massive losses of human lives amongst poor people. Children are the most affected group of people in the event of such tough climatic conditions. To date, famine is one of the most common causes of death in underdeveloped and developing countries. Most of these deaths occur among children who often receive small food portions if any, despite the fact that they need it the most since they are still growing. During tough climatic conditions such as drought and famine, countries’ food supplies decrease substantially (Karlan & Appel, 2012). Poor people, especially those in underdeveloped countries suffer all these problems, and it is up to the privileged members of the society to assist them. It is quite possible to deter the suffering and death or poor people as a result of inadequate food and malnutrition. People should give sufficient food supplies to poor people because all human beings are entitled to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, which includes having sufficient food quantities and quality. From an ethical point of view, people should provide food to the poor since it is the morally upright thing to do. Ethical p rinciples such as utilitarian principles advocate for people to give up their interests for the wellbeing of the greatest number of people. Sacrifice, in this sense, does not mean giving to the poor more than a person can afford, but rather means giving up something of value to oneself in

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Mutual Funds Essay Example for Free

Mutual Funds Essay A mutual is a kind of investment-company that combines money from many investors and backers and invests the money in bonds, money-market instruments, stocks, other securities and sometimes even cash. A mutual fund in basic terms is a large group of people who lump their money together for management companies to invest. And, like most things in the world, there are fees and commissions involved. Mutual funds are managed by money managers, who capitalize the fund’s capital and try to produce capital gains and revenue for the fund’s investors. A mutual fund’s portfolio is organized and maintained to mimic the investment objectives defined in its catalogue. A mutual fund has many characteristics, which are listed below. Investors and backers purchase shares in the mutual fund from within the fund, or through a broker or fund agent, and cannot buy the shares from other backers on a secondary market such as the NASDAQ stock market or New York Stock Exchange. The amount that investors purchase their mutual funds shares for is the estimated net asset value or NAV per share in addition to any fees that the fund may charge at the time of purpose, such as sales charges, also known as sales loads. Mutual fund shares are convertible, meaning when an investor wants to sale their shares, they sell them back to the mutual fund or to a broker working for the fund at the net asset value less any fees the mutual fund may charge, such as deferred sales loads or reclamation fees. Mutual funds commonly sell their shares on a continuous basis, although some funds will stop selling when, for instance, they reach a certain level of assets under management. The investment portfolio of a mutual fund is typically managed by separate entities known as investment advisors that are registered with the SEC. Furthermore mutual funds themselves are registered with the SEC and subject to SEC regulation. There are many forms of mutual funds, which include index funds, stock funds, bond funds, and money market funds. Each type of mutual fund has a different investment objective, strategy and investment portfolio. Different mutual funds are also subject to different risks, volatility, and fees and expenses. Fees related to a mutual fund reduce returns on fund investments and are an important feature that investors should consider when buying mutual fund shares. Mutual funds come in two main types, categorized by how the fees are charged. The types are load mutual funds and no-load mutual funds. A load mutual fund charges for the shares/units purchased plus an initial transactions fee. The initial transaction fee is typically no more than 9% of the investment fund amount or can also be a standard fee contingent on the mutual fund provider. This fee is added to your purchase as a sales fee. There are a couple different types of load funds out there. Back-end loads mean the fee is charged when you redeem the mutual fund. A front-end load is the opposite of a back-end load and means the fee is charged up front. A no-load fund means investors and backers can buy and redeem the mutual fund units/shares whenever without a commission or sales charge. Some companies such as banks and broker-dealers may charge fees and commissions for the transaction and exchange of mutual funds. Many no-load funds charge a fee if you redeem them early. Most people endorse avoiding load funds altogether and studies have shown that load mutual funds and no load mutual funds offer the same return, however, one charges a commission fee. A 12B-1 fee is the yearly marketing or sharing fee on a mutual fund. The 12B-1 fee is treated as an operational expense and is incorporated in the fund’s expense ratio. The 12B-1 is usually between .25% 1% of a fund’s net assets. The name of the fee comes from a segment of the Investment Company Act of 1940. An electronically traded fund or ETF is a security that follows an index, group of assets or commodity, but trades them like a stock on an exchange. Prices for ETFs change throughout the day when they are bought and sold. Because ETFs are traded like stock, they do not have NAVs calculated everyday. References 1. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Information on Mutual Funds. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Retrieved 2011-04-06. 2. Fink, Matthew P. (2008). The Rise of Mutual Funds. Oxford University Press. p. 9.

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Physics chemistry :: essays research papers

ATHENS, Ohio -- Today's computers and other technological gizmos operate on electronic charges, but researchers predict that a new generation of smaller, faster, more efficient devices could be developed based on another scientific concept -- electronic "spin." The problem, however, is that researchers have found it challenging to control or predict spin – which keeps practical applications out of reach. But physicists in Europe, California and at Ohio University now have found a way to manipulate the spin of an electron with a jolt of voltage from a battery, according to research findings published in the recent issue of the journal Physical Review Letters. In the new study, scientists applied voltage to the electron in a quantum dot, which is a tiny, nanometer-sized semiconductor. The burst of power changed the direction of the electron's spin -- which can move either up or down. This also caused it to emit a small particle of light called a photon, explained Richard Warburton, a physicist with Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, and lead author on the new paper. Usually you have no control over this at all – an electron flips its spin at some point, and you scratch your head and wonder why it happened. But in our experiment, we can choose how long this process takes," he said. The experiment was based on a theory by Sasha Govorov, an Ohio University associate professor of physics and astronomy who is co-author on the current paper. Pierre Petroff, a scientist with the University of California at Santa Barbara, contributed the semiconductor used in the experiment, Indium Arsenide, which commonly is used in electronics. "It's one of those happy collaborations -- Pierre has given us some fantastic material and Sasha has come up with some really smart ideas," Warburton said. The scientists were able to manipulate how long it would take for the electron to flip its spin and emit a photon – from one to 20 nanoseconds. But Govorov's theory suggests that 20 nanoseconds isn't the upper limit, which will lead the physicists to try out longer time periods. Scientists' abilities to control the spin of the electron help determine the properties of the photon, which in turn could have implications for the development of optoelectronics and quantum cryptography. Photons could be encoded with secure information, which could serve as the basis for anti-eavesdropping technology, Warburton said. The current study is one of many in the growing field of nanoscience that aims to find, understand and control physical effects at the nanoscale that could serve as the basis of a

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Collete’s “The Murderer” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe Essay

Explore the similarities and differences between Collete’s â€Å"The Murderer† and â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart† by Edgar Allen Poe. In this essay I will write about â€Å"the Tell-Tale Heart† which was written in the nineteenth century, and â€Å"The Murderer† which was written in the twentieth century. I will compare them in a number of ways; language, settings, suspense, characters In â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart† the mood is typical of Edgar Allen Poe in that he wrote about murders in dark gothic houses this creates a mood of tension that something is about to happen suddenly and drives us to read faster and faster until suddenly the climax is upon the victims or sometimes, on a anti-climax. The narrator uses short sentences that are filled with active verbs to describe the story. Whereas the mood in â€Å"The Murderer† is quite calm and non-threatening. There is no haste to the words. This is very different to â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart†. In â€Å"The Tell Tale Heart† the narrator does not tell us exactly where he is but he does tell us that there are â€Å"creaky floor boards† and â€Å"heavy doors† there are also â€Å"mice†. This leads us to believe that he is in a gothic house that is quite old. The narrator does not tell us about the weather directly but mention â€Å"the wind in the chimney† which suggest mid-winter. In the murderer there are a lot of different places, the murder scene, out side the newsagents, the flat where he slept and worked, each of them described in detail. The murder scene was a stationary notions shop as with the tell tale heart during the whole story there is only a few references to the weather such as a â€Å"brief shower† and that â€Å"darkness cam suddenly apron them. The themes of the stories are both murders. The strangest one of the two stories is the murderer because the main character, Louis, kills his victim, for no reason that we know of, but there is a clear motive in the tell tale heart. The eye. The old mans evil eye this is the thing that drives the murderer to kills the old mans â€Å"vulture eye† the eye with a â€Å"pale blue film over it.† The main character in â€Å"The Tell Tale Heart is a person who talks about him self a lot in the story ands says a few things like â€Å"never before that night had I felt the extent of my powers.† I think this person is insane (he spent an hour to look through a door) He is mostly in self-denial but he does say â€Å"the disease has sharpened my senses -not destroyed them† this becomes exenterated when he says he â€Å"heard all the things in heaven† because of the acute sense of hearing he has acquired from being mad. The main character of the tell tale heart is a mystery because they does not reveal their sex or their age, or any of their physical looks. Where in the murderer we know that Louis is good looking and has a â€Å"swarthy face† that girls like to smile at. I think that, whilst these authors have crated stories that are similar in theme they have there own way of introducing the characters and victims of the story. Also the setting is very different. I like them both for they are very griping and leave a great deal of the story to the readers imagination but my favourite is â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart† because of the way the nature of the murderer is very well presented and has left me thinking about it. The very way that he calmly killed him with out no little voice in his head telling him what he is doing is wrong chills me to the bone. This is a little detail that Poe was very clear about for although he was insane (As I have pointed out before the evidence for this case is not in short supply) he was still a human being and as one of them I fell disturbed that one human can do that to a fellow human. Humans are the most dangerous species because of our actions. Our kind is the only ones that ill because they feel like it. Not because they are hungry or in danger but because of pure spite. This is one of the many dangers of free will and Poe and collate point this out in the most disturbing ways imaginable.

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Population Dynamics and Its Effects on Climate Change Policy

Population dynamics and its effects of climate change policy Population growth and its effects on climate change have been hotly debated in recent years by scientists and politicians alike. The Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC has sparked great interest and concern over climate change and how it affects countries differently. The concept of environmental justice has focused on climate change’s unbalanced effects on developing countries, whose populations are more vulnerable to climate change. With rapidly growing populations and inadequate resources and technologies, developing countries have struggled to develop their economy sustainability. The relationship between population and climate change is grossly oversimplified by the idea that as population increase so does its effect on climate change. Realistically, population and climate change affect each other through economic trends, development patterns, society, institutions and the government. Population dynamics is no t simply the number of people in a given space. Rather, it is the distribution and continuously changing demographics that make population dynamics a complex but important factor in climate change policy. In recent climate change and environmental protection discussions, developed countries have strongly suggested or even imposed environmental policies upon developing countries. This has caused tension and misunderstandings on both sides as developing countries strive for the economic success of theirShow MoreRelatedIncreased Risk Of Invasion : A Large Crop Canopy And Denser Foliage1419 Words   |  6 Pagesdenser foliage will create more relative humidity, thereby making micro-environments more favorable to pests. Increase in food quality, i.e. increase in the nitrogen content of plants due to high temperature, can result in a sudden resurgence of population of pests. Moreover, under conditions of stress, plant defensive systems are less effective and they become more susceptible to pest attack (EPA, 1989). Some important pests are long- range migrants and more into crop areas where they cannot overRead MoreGlobal Climate Change Is The Future Of The Entire Generation1099 Words   |  5 PagesGlobal climate change transcends the future of the entire generation. Yunjing Wang mentions that the world is expecting warming that could be dangerous throughout the century (Wang et al., 2015). Not only effecting species of animals but also determining the presence of human existence. New diseases prevail on a daily basis specifically vector borne. These vector borne illnesses adapt to climate change due to temperature fluctuations, constant precipitation, and population adjustments. AlthoughRead MoreClimate Change Challenges986 Words   |  4 PagesA strong argument among scientists exists that anthropogenic climate change is the greatest contemporary global threat to sustainable development in the 21st Century, and that, the risks associated with climate change will become more severe affecti ng all aspects of human livelihoods (IPPCC 2014, FAO 2013, Shiferaw et al 2014, UN 2015. The ratification of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1992 and signing of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 signified the importance ofRead MoreThe Effects Of Water Coverage On Urban Areas Of Developing Countries1746 Words   |  7 Pagesnot reflect a formula that matches the rapid urban population growth. Most water supply infrastructure is aging. For instance in Nairobi, many of the capital’s water pipes were laid down before independence in 1963 and are now worn out, hence leading to a loss of about 50% of water (Moraa, 2012). As such, the amount of water lost could have been used to increase access. 2.6.3 Service from Water Providers is inadequate Despite statements and policies promising quality service from water service institutionsRead MoreDifferent Aspects Of A Disease System1253 Words   |  6 PagesHowever, integrated models can provide crucial insights into the ecological dynamics of a disease system (Plowright et al. 2008), and they can help inform public health interventions and guide public health policies (Leach and Scoones 2013). By simplifying these different aspects of a zoonotic disease system into constrained components that are easier to understand, models can answer specific questions about disease system dynamics, emergence and spatial patterns of risk (Plowright et al. 2008). HereRead MoreGlobal Warming And Climate Change Essay1387 Words   |  6 PagesClimatic changes have been a major concern in the recent researches. The changes have negatively affected the production across the world and also the human lives are at stake. There are so many occurrences of unpredicted climatic effects such as the drought occurrences and the tides which affects the people. The unpredicted climatic changes have been as a result of the many factors. One of the most controversial things is that climatic changes have been caused by the social factors, which governmentRead MoreUrbanization Of The 21st Century1542 Words   |  7 Pagescentury is witnessing an increase of the world’s population into urban dwellers. Dramatic movement of people into major towns and cities of the world is caused by rapid sprawl; this is observed in developed and developing countries. This increasing recognition is inevitable; therefore the solution to urban problems depends largely on eff ective planning, infrastructural management and development. Usually, unplanned population growth is associated to population demands that supersede infrastructure and serviceRead MoreImpact Of Global Warming On North Carolina1728 Words   |  7 Pagescomprehend the scope and dynamics of the projected effects of Global Warming on different sectors of North Carolina one has to understand the basics of this particular phenomenon. What exactly is Global Warming? According to â€Å"Global warming refers to the recent and ongoing rise in global average temperature near Earth s surface. It is caused mostly by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Global warming is causing climate patterns to change. However, global warmingRead MoreGlobal Warming Is A Problem1654 Words   |  7 Pagesthe climate change on the sun, global warming is a serious danger to the Earth because it could have serious effects on the plant and animal populations. To fully grasp the effects of global warming, one must first understand just what global warming is. According to, global warming is the result of certain gases building up in the atmosphere that block heat from escaping. These gases are causing a temperature rise in the Earth’s atmosphere, which causes the climate to change. A warmerRead MoreHow Are We Affected by Global Warming and How Can We Stop It?1259 Words   |  6 PagesHow are we effected by global warming and how can we stop it? Global warming directly effects everyone and everything on Earth. The concentration of greenhouse gasses is climbing at an alarming rate. Many negative issues will take place if nothing is done stop the destruction of the Earths atmosphere. Humans, plants, and animals contribute to the cycle of life on earth. The extinction of plants and animals caused by global warming can lead to worldwide panic. The future flooding of the Earth

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What Do the Latin Verb Tenses Mean

A reader trying to teach himself Latin asked: What I am trying to find are the meanings for all the other tenses [beyond the Present]. I am new at this and I am tying to make it a little easier for me to understand. He had designed a chart for the paradigms and was trying to insert English translations for all the forms. This might be a good exercise for other Latin students. In my explanation below I mostly use the 1st person singular (the I). In English, generally there is a difference between the 1st singular (I) and the 3rd singular (he), as in I love but he loves. Aside from this, it should be a straightforward project. Latin has 6 tenses. PresentImperfectFuturePerfectPluperfectFuture Perfect Here is an example (using the active voice of the 1st conjugation verb amare to love): Present: amo I love, I do love, I am loving Imperfect: amabam I loved, I did love, I was loving, I used to love Future:* amabo I shall love, I am going to love, I am about to love Perfect: amavi I loved, I have loved Pluperfect: amaveram I had loved Future Perfect:* amavero I shall have loved *The shall is a bit old-fashioned -- in the U.S., at least. Here we usually replace shall with will. Latin Tenses - Overview In Latin, there are one present tense, three past tenses, and two future tenses. To understand the differences among the tenses, we need to pay attention to when the action takes place (present), took place (past), or will take place (future). In the present tense, the action is taking place in the present. It is happening now.I am reading. Lego.[Present]In the past tenses, it happened in the past, but it may still be going on or it may be finished.If it is finished, it is referred to as perfect, since perfect completed. You use one of the perfect tenses for such actions. [N.B.: There are 3 perfect tenses. To make matters confusing, one of these tenses is referred to as the perfect. It is the most common of the perfects, but be alert.]For the Perfect - think of the English -ed endingWhat the master ORDERED, you NEGLECTED to follow. erus quod imperavit, neglexisti persequi.For the Pluperfect - think had the -ed endingWe had extended our feet. Protuleramus pedes.An imperfect or incomplete past action is repetitive, ongoing or habitual. It may have finished, but that isnt specified. The imperfect tense is used for such actions.For the Imperfect - think was the -ing endingThe teacher praised the boys. Magister pueros laudab at. Note, this could be a one time occurrence and properly take the perfect tense.In the future tenses, an event has yet to occur. If you want to say something will happen, you use a future tense.For the Future - think will or shall the verbI will depart tomorrow. Cras proficiscar.You also use a future tense if you want to say something will be completed in the future. Since its finished, this also requires a perfect tense. So combining future and perfect, you use the future perfect.For the Future Perfect - think will have or shall have the verb the -ed endingI shall have loved. Amavero.See: Endings and Tenses of Latin Verbs Latin FAQ Index Is Latin easy?What do the Latin tenses mean?Do you have any tips on memorizing endings?Where can I find a Latin translation of...? In Latin, how do you say I used to go? Fearless and determined? Thank you? What is the correct Latin for deus lo vult?What is the plural of virus?

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The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act - 2065 Words

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, also known as IDEA was originally created in 1975 to ensure that children with disabilities were given the opportunity to receive a free and adequate education. IDEA has been revised and many times since 1975, the most recent being in 2004. IDEA consists of parts A, B, C, and D. Part A outlines the basic foundation, and defines terms used throughout the act. Part B outlines the responsibilities of schools to educate students aged 3-21. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act does provide funding for schools, as long as they comply with the six main principles of set forth in IDEA. The first principle states that every child is entitled to receive a free and appropriate education,†¦show more content†¦This allows students with disabilities to be in a general education classroom with their non-disabled classmates for various amounts of time, depending on the needs of the individual student. The fifth and sixth principles schools must comply with go together. The fifth states that input from parents and students must be taken into account during the education process. During the education process if a parent feels that their child is not receiving adequate or needed services, they have a right under IDEA to challenge their child s treatment through due process. The six principles that schools must comply with for students with disabilities were created to ensure that students receive an adequate education like their non-disabled classmates receive, and protects them against discrimination at school. IDEA also contains a Part C that is much like Part B, but targets the education of very young children. Part C outlines the responsibilities of identifying and reaching children with disabilities from birth to 2 years old. Parents of children in this age range are entitled to receive identification and services and interventions in a timely and appropriate manner. Parents at this age receive a Individual ized Family Service Plan instead of an IEP for school aged children. Parents are also entitled to take part in creating the ISP and timely resolutions to questions or concerns in their child s evaluation process. IDEA s part D pertains to the national